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Weekly Ramadan
Tiffin Menu

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Pink Oven proudly presents 'Weekly Special Ramadan Tiffin Menu' to its clients residing in and around London.


It's quite simple. We have created a menu for you, just mention the number of boxes that you want to order per dish. The minimum number of dishes required to order is 7 (Unless it is a set menu). Submit and send us your request. We will calculate the delivery charges and will let you know the final price (Unless it is a set menu that will have the prices shown on the menu).  The minimum order for the clients residing outside London is £92.5/-.

All the dishes are hygienically cooked in order to preserve the quality and the freshness of the food. We create a combination of Pakistani, Chinese, Continental and a lot of fusion in our menu so that you can have a variety of dishes.

We source Premium Halal meat from our 5 rated suppliers, the vegetables are personally purchased from premium suppliers and are quality checked by us. We believe in providing the best to our clients.

Please let us know if you have any food allergy/nut intolerance before placing an order with us. We prepare food where there may be some traces of Allergens (Reference: